Industrial Flex
The resin is designed for producing flexible parts. May be used as additive to other HARZ Labs resins to increase toughness
  • 1 kg
    • 1 kg
    • 0.5 kg
    • Natural Clear
    Industrial Flex
    Industrial Flex
    Appearance Colored transparent liquid
    Color Transparent yellow
    Odor Odorless
    Viscosity according to Brookfield 0,5-0,8 Pa*s
    Tensile strength 13 N/mm2
    Elongation at break 103%
    Hardness Shore D 63
    Shrinkage 0,5%
    Industrial Flex resin is absolutely non brittle material that have mechanical properties close to PU. May be used for creating gaskets and any other flexible parts. Have a good mechanical resistance to a wide range of loadings. Widely used as an additive for other resins to increase flexibility and reduce brittleness. Suitable for using with HARZ Labsresins
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