Dental Sand
Designed for dental demonstration models of crowns and bridges. Very tough, non-irritant, odorless resin with color A1-A3 according to Vita scale
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  • A1-A2
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    • A1-A2
    • A3
    Dental Sand
    Dental Sand
    Appearance Opaque liquid
    Color Beige
    Odor Odorless
    Viscosity according to Brookfield 1,2-1.5 Pa*s
    Tensile strength 60 N/mm2
    Elongation at break 3-4%
    Hardness Shore D 90-92
    Shrinkage <0.5%
    Dental Sand A1-A3 resin is PMMA-like micro filled composite resin, made of biocompatible raw materials, with color close to A1-A3 according to Vita scale. It has high hardness 90 Shore D and high tensile strength, stable to mechanical stress and chemicals. Recommended for printing of temporary crowns and bridges. Low odor and absence of harmful monomers allows to print in the laboratory.
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